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M.E. Russell Construction, LLC is a certified decorative concrete and epoxy flooring installer serving Rowan County, North Carolina area residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Decorative Concrete & Epoxy Flooring in Rowan County NC | M.E. Russell Construction

We can transform your unsightly, broken and chipped concrete flooring into a brand new surface using different approaches that give your floors a newly finished and polished look. Whether you are looking for a 100% pure epoxy floor with a colored flake system or a full 3-4 color metallic overlay, we have you covered with high end quality decorative concrete and epoxy flooring, with full service from beginning to end for all of our Rowan County, NC area customers.

You don't have to pay exorbitant prices to achieve a fabulous decorative concrete flooring system that offers years, even decades, of maintenance-free and easily cleaned surfaces!

Our Rowan County NC decorative concrete and epoxy flooring specialists offer FREE evaluations on your existing concrete flooring, whether it is chipped, broken, painted, or has an existing older variation of outdated epoxy flooring already present.

Top Quality Rowan County, North Carolina Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Whether you're interested in marbled flooring, epoxy flake systems, glitter floors, lava or flowing river floors, and more, for your Rowan County, NC area home or business, M.E. Russell Construction, LLC can create it for you. We are certified with local epoxy dealers that offer the most unique, quality controlled products that deliver years of service. We use quality epoxy flooring systems and liquids provided by east coast distributors and manufacturers, a company that stands behind their high quality products.

Our Rowan County, NC area decorative concrete and epoxy flooring services include (but are not limited to): surface preparation, surface cleaning and etching, full place diamond grinding with HEPA and OSHA approved and machines and techniques, a full range of color choices and flake options, samples that you can look at before we begin your work, and more.

We have years of experience in installing epoxy and metallic epoxy flooring in a variety of settings. This type of flooring is great for commercial spaces with public traffic, restaurants and bars, home interiors (including basements and bathrooms), garage floors, retail spaces, showrooms, and even auto service bays due to the easy cleaning and slip-resistant surface.

Why Epoxy Flooring for your Rowan County, NC Area Home or Business?

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